Antonello Marotta

Antonello Marotta Graduated in Architecture in Naples, where he obtained his research in PhD in Architectural & Urban Design. An architect and writer, his studies are mainly concentrated on contemporary compositional themes.He has explored themes on the revision of modernity and memory, publishing Toyo Ito. La costruzione del vuoto (Marsilio, 2010), Mansilla + Tuñón (Edilstampa 2012) and the Atlante dei musei contemporanei (Skira, 2010, Contemporary Museums, English ed.). On the occasion of the 12th Architecture Biennial in Venice he was invited by Luca Molinari, the Curator of the Italian Pavilion ‘Ailati. Riflessi dal futuro’ to write two entries for the catalogue devoted to the themes of Art and Memory. He is working on research and teaches courses at the Department of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning in Alghero (University of Sassari), where he is a researcher.