Arnaldo Bibo Cecchini

Arnaldo Bibo Cecchini Currently Full Professor in Urban Planning at the Faculty of Architecture in Alghero (Dipartimento di Architettura Design Urbanistica - DADU), University of Sassari; Dean of the Faculty. After obtaining the Master Degree cum laude in Physics at the University of Bologna in 1972, he received a scholarship at the Course of Town Planning at the University of Architecture of Venezia (IUAV) until 1978 and worked there until 2000. Director of the Interuniversity Laboratory of Analysis and Models for Planning - LAMP (Laboratorio di Analisi e Modelli per la Pianificazione) which succeeded the STRATEMA laboratory. Author of more than 150 articles and papers published in books and refereed journals; edited, authored or co-authored several books. Designed several gaming simulations and pure simulations on land use and for educational purposes. Expert in techniques of urban analysis and modelling such as catastrophe theory, simulation, gaming simulation, cellular automata, scenario techniques and information systems for public participation