Giovanni Maria Sechi

Giovanni Maria Sechi is teaching Water Resources Management at the University of Cagliari Since 1993. His research current topics are mainly in the field of Hydrology and Water Resources Planning and Management. His scientific activity is focused on inflows-outflows modeling (CNR , Colorado State university), flood stochastic models (VAPI-GNDCI research program), control and mitigation of drought consequences in water system vulnerability (ARDI-SIC-GNDCI research program), optimization techniques in multifunctional water resources planning and management ( EU-WARSYP research program), water resources management under drought conditions (EU-WAMME and SEDEMED I and II research projects). He has taken part in several MURST COFIN (Italian Ministry of Research and University) projects, Since November 2004 he has chaired the CINSA, Interdepartmental Centre of Engineering and Environmental Sciences. The results of his research activity is supplied in papers on proceedings, books and journals in this field.