Zoran Djukanovic

Zoran Djukanovic Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, Urban Design and Public Art at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urbanism, Belgrade, Serbia; Initiator, founder and leader of the international, interdisciplinary research Program “Public Art and Public Space”; Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Forestry University of Belgrade, Department Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. He is a member of several management, consulting and advisory bodies of the cities, public/private institutions and NGOs in Serbia and abroad; special critics, guest lecturer and mentor of diploma/postgraduate study works at several faculties from Serbia, EU, USA, AUS, JP. His recent research books include Urbophilia (2007, University of Belgrade, with Radović); Placemaking (2008, University of Belgrade, with Živković); Cità , fiumi, margini fluviali, Roma - Belgrado (2008, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, with Cherubini, Živković); Belgrade Fortress – Dream Book of White Town’s Continuity (2009, P.E. Belgrade Fortress, with Andrić); Art in Public Space (2011, Academica, with Živković, Bobić, Vuković, Đerić) and other.