Geoarchaeology and pedology applied in the field of urban and landscape planning

S. Vacca, M.R. Usai
12th june 2014

What is the soil and how to study and field surveys; morphological and physico-chemical properties;
notes on the genesis and classification, concept of Lands, main evaluation methods of the Lands.

The lecture is organized as follows:

Part 1a:
General introduction of the theme and how it is applied in the field of planning. Presentation of case studies of various kinds and from various territories. Introduction made by each of the students, their course work in planning and methods previously used.

Part 1b:
Sergio Vacca and Maria Raimonda Usai will make an introduction of the distribution of settlement in the territory.
Cartographic exercises will be assigned to the students.

Part 2a:
General, technical introduction to geoarchaeology, definition of the various themes, problems and methods.
Statistical exercises related to the cartographic assignments given in Part 1b.
Discussion about the result of students’ work related to archaeology and planning.

Part 2b:
Elaboration of each of the students of a strategy for a case of urban and landscape planning.