Jericho today>tomorrow: communicating the role of the water

Nicolò Ceccarelli
19th june 2014

Here, in the middle of a rocky desert and more than 250 meters below sea level, the presence of water springs made possible the presence of an oasis connected with of the first ever mankind settlements.
An extraordinary example of a balance between nature, agriculture economy, urban settlement, Jericho is today is a touristic destination lively and highly attractive. The Master Plan, promoted by the Italian Government, seeks to provide
a control scheme, combining the development of the city with the need to preserve the key character of the site, and in particular its unique dimension of oasis/eco-system.
In two visits to Jericho, the animazionedesign research laboratory developed two short films, designed to communicate some of the plan’s key ideas. Thought as complementary, the two informational pieces are designed to communicate synthetically and to a wide audience some key facts about this unique place and about crucial decisions about its future.