Climate Change adaptation in the Calich Lagoon area

Jonna Majgaard Krarup
14th - 17th october 2014

Climate changes are global. The impact of climate change is local and interacts with natural and cultural phenomena and practise. Following this, the site and the ability to perform site- reading becomes pivotal when we as planners and architects plan and initiate climate change adaptation measures. Natural science research within climate change tends to develop universal models and explanations. On the other hand, planners and architects boast to be site sensitive and site specific – at least in Danish architectural tradition – and they therefore strive to come up with unique and site specific design proposals.
Following this, in order to recommend and plan climate change adaptation measurements we as planners and architects both have to understand the technical and common mechanisms
in the climate changing processes and the results here of, e.g. what the impacts on the built environment are, and we have to posses the ability to transform this knowledge into site specific planning strategies and actual design projects - if we are both to adapt and qualify the built environment, the landscape and peoples lives to climate change by design proposals.
The workshop will evolve around this balancing act between what we might term the common and the specific aspects of climate change impacts on the built environment, the landscape and peoples lives in the Calich Lagoon area.


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