Hydro-Social Infrastructures

Erik Swyngedouw
23th- 24th october 2014

Professor Swyngedouw will hold a number of shorter sessions of 1.5-2 hours each, focusing on water and hydro-social issues. Students will also become involved in a concluding discussion seminar.
A draft programme:
The question of Nature: Theorising and Researching Waterscapes
The hydro-social cycle: circulations and metabolisms
Urban Water: Drowning in Water and Starving from Thirst (based on a study of the political ecology of water in a coastal Ecuadorian town)
Into the Seas: Desalination as a Socio-Spatial fix in Spain (about the contested politics of water in Spain)
The Pleasures of Inconherent Hydro-Social Infrastructures (about the water crisis in Sicily)
A discussion seminar where the students present their
work and ideas for projects and/or publications related to Waterscapes and hydro-social issues.


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