Dune systems

Vincenzo Pascucci

Seminar is addressed to dune systems. They are sensible sedimentary structures that more than other record climate changes. They normally form in arid environments such
as deserts or along coastal areas. In the second case, they represent the natural protection nourishment of sandy beaches. In the past, little or no attention was dedicated
to their protection. They were destroyed to build sea facings houses and roads. Climate changes related to the post industrial revolution global warming have caused little sea level rise (order of 10 to 30 cm). This rise had as consequence the landward migration of the shoreline.
The presence however of human artefact in the place
of the dunes had as main effect the beach and coastal erosion. Very recently, therefore, more attention has been dedicated to coastal dune system protection. Examples are widespread and some of the most significative of North Sardinia are those of Alghero (Maria Pia and Porto Ferro), Stintino (La Pelosa) and Badesi beaches.