Water Dysfunction

João Gomes da Silva
13th december 2014

 The hydrological disfunction of Solarussa land, has to be fully understood on the space of Tirso river basin, has a major natural context, and one of the biggest modern Landscape development along XX century, in Sardegna. The construction of a sequence of water basins at upper valley created the fundamental element of a vast irrigated landscape along the sedimentary plain of Tirso river. A bilateral system of irrigation canals, placed on geological contact between slope and plain, was inserted along a pre-existing agglomeration system, linked by regional roads leading to Oristano gulf. Solarussa village, benefitted of one of these canals, which definitely segmented dry agriculture at upper slope and fertile irrigated agriculture on valley, has it’s agrarian context. The dysfunction created by this obstacle on natural water flow circulation, was accentuated by the construction of its expansion on a former bog, generating frequent flooding phenomena, and menacing its equilibrium. The project proposed to students relays on the fully comprehension of this problematic, and the attempt to design careful and appropriate proposals on a broad landscape architectural approach and language, to the place of Solarussa agglomerate and agricultural space as a whole. Through precise interventions on urban space, canals system, field typological organization, and infrastructural systems, an architectonic vision will try to enhance its qualities and re-establish unity on Solarussa landscape character. The workshop will take place in Solarussa.