Building at the Seaside, settlements for a sustainable coastal area

Georg Reinberg | Martha Enriquez-Reinberg

Water and architecture may have a quite different relation
in Austria than in Sardinia. Austria is a midland and full of drinkable water. We use it for hydro-power, for cooling of buildings and so on. But building near the water is challenging in Austria as well as in Sardinia. Human beings have a very basic relation to water, people enjoy to be close to the water and architecture can do a lot to make the best out of this special relation between water and human being.
This topic will be discussed in general and in detail. The detailed discussion will concern the experience with projects built at the waterside of Austria ́s largest lake (the Neusiedlersee in Burgenland), a project at an artificial lakes (Biotop, Weidling near Vienna) and some other projects, which are related to water.