Lagoon plant landscape _ Nurra Area

Rossella Filigheddu | Simonetta Bagella | Emmanuele Farris

During our first field trip we will be visiting the north-western part of Sardinia, characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate, with a dry thermo-Mediterranean bioclimate. Even if a variety of geological substrata (from recent alluvial soils to Mesozoic limestone) shape different morphological units, it should be considered that the main abiotic factor condition- ing costal waterscapes is salinity. Plant communities are in fact not casually distributed in coastal waterscapes, but they follow salinity gradients mediated by wind, water, and soil granulometry.
Main EU habitats of dunes, lagoons and coastal cliffs will be visited and studied during the field lesson. Relations among habitats and human activities (past and present) will be stressed.