Prospects for regeneration and sustainability in coastal landscapes

Paola Pittaluga

Mediterranean coastal areas landscapes have always
been heavily affected by processes of urbanisation and transformation. They have also been given particular significance and value, and a central position in our minds, as compared to similar contexts in the inland.
The physical and morphological characteristics of these areas are often profoundly altered as a result of the new roles they assume with respect to the wider context in which they are inserted. The quality and identity of these landscapes are linked to historical and natural heritage, while their the role is primarily related to tourist features and services available, triggered by the heritage of the area.
Tourism contributes to the degradation and the depletion of the landscape. Not only physical conditions, but also natural and cultural characters are threatened. Fragile ecosystems are compromised and elements of the natural landscape are replaced by artificial structures.
The lecture will focus on the themes mentioned above. Through an exploration of projects and case studies, we will analyse whether sustainable regeneration of the landscape is possible. The aim of our reflections and analysis is to avoid compromising the natural and historical-cultural components of territories. These resources make up important attractions for tourists, and serve – at the same time - the economic and social interests of the resident population.